Friday Faves – 7.8.16

070816In the midst of a searing heatwave where I am, but found some cool ideas to heat up your sales.  (Sorry, must be the heat.)

How To Change Your Default Setting – This is hard, but if you realize it’s something you must do, you’re halfway there.

Why Your New Sales Technology Tools Won’t Solve Your Sales Problem – It’s never the tool that makes the job come out perfectly, it’s the skill of the worker using them.

How to Be Increasingly Less Dumb – A provocative title and good thoughts, but it misses the first step – COMMITMENT TO LIFELONG LEARNING.  No growth without that.

A One > Two Combination That Still Delivers Sales – It also works with managers/reps.

8 Sales Books to Read in Summer 2016 – Self=promotion notwithstanding (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I enjoy seeing what others are reading.  (and wish I had more time to read them all).

No One Can Hurt You as Much as You Can Hurt You – Sales – the original equal opportunity employer.  No one is in more control of your results as you are.



Friday Faves – 1.8.16

010816Hope your holidays were as enjoyable as mine and you’re now refreshed, refocused and ready to make 2016 your BEST EVER year!

To start you on the right track, here are some great posts I read.

The One Person Who Deserves Your Total Honesty – As you review 2015, being honest about why you won/lost deals and how you can learn from them is a critical first step.

Will You Create Sales Success in 2016? – Now that you’ve committed to being honest with yourself, here are some behaviors to consider.

The Best Investment of Your Life – Are you ready to commit to professional growth in 2016?