Friday Faves – 3.9.16

031116Buckle up, gang, only 3 weeks left in Q1.  Are you in a panic sprint to eke your numbers over the line, or are you confidently striding to victory?  Here are some great ideas to put some spring in your step.

What you Should Fear is the Fear Of Missing – Walking away is counter intuitive.  Sometimes it is the right move.

Negotiating and Discounting Are Different – Go for the trade, not just the deal.

How to Stay Productive and Avoid Distractions when Working from Home – And don’t read blogs when you should be working 😉

On saying “no” – Another interesting counter intuitive sounding perspective.

Spring AHEAD this weekend.  Make it more than just your clock.



Friday Faves – 2.26.16

022616Travel forced me to skip last week’s post, but this week I’ve read some great posts. As we head to the last month of the quarter, these ideas can help you finish strong.

Sales Productivity: Stop Wasting Your Time on This – I can never read enough about improving productivity.  Time is an irreplaceable asset.

The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings – Blessed are those who run brief meetings, stick to the agenda and keep to the time allotted.

17 Costly Sales Mistakes – Do you regularly do a postmortem on lost business?  Is it done with your manager or a teammate?  You need an honest assessment to avoid repeating deal-killing behaviors.

When creativity becomes a profession… – Seth Godin’s usual pithy and insightful thoughts, this time on creativity.

Violating My Own Beliefs About Price – A real-life lesson why we should sell VALUE and not PRICE.



Friday Faves – 2.5.16

020516As we hurtle through “resolution season,” the 90 days after New Years Day, are you still on track?  Maybe some of your initial plans were faulty, but changing course and bagging it to go back to yesterday’s methods will get you yesterday’s results.  Here are some good ideas to help you stick with it.

Why Will They Say No? – Objections are a daily fact of life.  Dealing with them makes the difference.

How Will You Use Your Extra Day? – Some great ideas to make this Leap Year extra day productive.

If You Are Not Asking, You Are Not Selling – The Xs and Os of selling so many sellers take for granted.

There’s no need for alarm – Your emergency isn’t mine.


Friday Fave – 12.18.15

121815Home stretch time.  Can you get that last push to make your 2015 goals, make it a Best Ever?

Some helpful thoughts here.

Will You Build Your Relationships in 2016? – You can’t afford not to.

Other Mediums > Social Media and Email – It’s not how many tools you have, it’s how wisely and when you use which one.

Regrets as fuel – Sleepless nights over blown deals will happen.  But you can use them to move forward.

The Order of Your Work – Everyone’s biorhythms are unique, but understanding yours to work more effectively can produce dramatic results.

Finish strong and best wishes for Happy Holidays and a GREAT 2016!

I’ll be back after the holidays!

Friday Faves – 12.4.15

120415Holy smokes, where did the quarter go?  Not something you want to be saying too often, unless you’ve been overloaded with closing deals.


Counting What Is Easily Counted – Focus on what matters can move the needle.

About to be – “Do or not, there is no try.”  Yoda

Is productive the same as busy? – Can you give yourself an honest answer to this question?

The Difference Between Sales Pros and Amateurs – Is The Silence – For many, the hardest skill to perfect.

Setting Goals to Create Sales Success  – Most of us have goals set for us.  The best set their own, usually higher.

Friday Faves – 4.24.15

042715As the weather warms up, so does the business climate.  Hustle while it stays that way.

You Can Do Almost Everything Right And Lose – I hate when it happens, but sometimes we learn more from our failures than from our successes.

Your Team’s Productivity – More thought in the multi-tasking debate.

No, That Meeting Could Not Have Been an Email – Field salespeople of the world, rejoice.  Science supports you!

Words Do Matter! – Want to improve your verbal communication?  Read – blogs, business books, great literature.  Even more than engaging, your words paint pictures, lasting pictures, which clients will recall long after your 30 minutes are over.  What do you want them to see?

Demand higher standards – Most people rise to the level of expectation.  Exceptional people exceed it.




Friday Faves – 2.13.15

021315A hectic week of sales and client service activity in NYC cut into my reading time.  Still trying to process everything I learned this week. But, I find a little time and some great posts.

15 Things I Would Train Salespeople On Instead of Social Selling – There are no shortcuts.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Better Listener – What good is asking the right questions without good listening skills?

10 Enemies of Productivity – And how many of these negatively impact your results?  Honest?