Friday Faves – 2.5.16

020516As we hurtle through “resolution season,” the 90 days after New Years Day, are you still on track?  Maybe some of your initial plans were faulty, but changing course and bagging it to go back to yesterday’s methods will get you yesterday’s results.  Here are some good ideas to help you stick with it.

Why Will They Say No? – Objections are a daily fact of life.  Dealing with them makes the difference.

How Will You Use Your Extra Day? – Some great ideas to make this Leap Year extra day productive.

If You Are Not Asking, You Are Not Selling – The Xs and Os of selling so many sellers take for granted.

There’s no need for alarm – Your emergency isn’t mine.



Friday Faves – 3.20.15

032015NOTE:  I will be off the grid and will not be publishing for two weeks.

Providing Space for Dissatisfaction – My favorite open ended probes:   “Oh?”  “Really?”  “How’s that?”  “Tell me more.”

5 Basic Needs of Virtual Workforces – The cubicles of the future.

The Death of the Gatekeepers – An interesting perspective, though I believe they exist and will continue to.

Why All These Meetings? – After reading the 5 Basic Needs and Death of Gatekeepers, maybe Death of Meetings follows?

Don’t Wish It Was Easier – When all else fails, persistence and competence succeed.




Do you sell all 4 quarters?

scoreI’m not talking about 4 calendar quarters – I KNOW you do that.  You know how football players, in postgame interviews, say “We played all four quarters.” after a win?  THAT is what I am talking about. Do YOU sell with the passion, attention to detail, service mentality and build relationships through EVERY phase of the sales cycle?  Or do you put less effort into some phases than you do others?  Recently, I learned the value of this from a VERY unlikely source – my cable provider.

Last week, 8 inches of heavy, wet snow caused dozens of limbs from a massive white pine to come crashing down in my yard.  Two of them fell across my service lines, snapping the fiber line my provider uses.  We never lost power nor heat, but no cable/internet/landline.  So, I called the provider’s 800# and prepared for an insanely long hold queue; curt, indifferent service and then an even longer wait for the repair, which would require me to be housebound for 12 hours waiting for the cable guy.

1st Quarter – My call was answered very quickly by a friendly and efficient representative. She apologized several times for my outage.  (I kept telling her it was a tree limb and not her fault.)  She was empathetic and also reminded me that I had hotspot service on my phone. (She had ALL my information at her disposal.  Think about CALL PREPARATION in sales.)  She booked the service call for the next day and requested a morning repair, since I told her I worked from home.  She confirmed in detail all the information and said I would get an email confirmation of my appointment, then the technician would call about 60-90 minutes before his/her arrival.  The call concluded with her asking me if I had any questions or needed any further help.

2nd Quarter – I received an email shortly after the call, but then an unexpected text message with a second confirmation and their 800# in case I needed to change the appointment or had another problem.  Then, as the representative confirmed, I got a call on my cell from Scott, the technician, to let me know I was his next stop, in about an hour.   (Consider your follow up, punctuality in this light.)  Even before Scott showed up, I had confidence that I would have broadband/cable/phone that day.

3rd Quarter –   Scott arrived pretty much at his designated time.  He showed me his company ID when I opened the door (as if the hardhat and work gear wasn’t a tell), introduced himself strong and loud as he stuck out his hand.  (Think RAPPORT) Although the mass of lumber on my lawn made it obvious, Scott asked me what happened, when and what the status of my service was right now.  (PROBING) Then, with a smile he said, “I’m gonna go play in the snow for a while.  We’ll have you up and running in about an hour.”  (Setting EXPECTATIONS, but also using humor effectively.)
 4th Quarter – As I saw the Internet light on my modem change from amber to green, I refreshed my CRM webpage, then ran the speed test.  I was thrilled to be back online.  As if on cue, Scott rang the doorbell and I gave him the speed readings.  Thinking we were done, he said he wanted to check the TV set-top boxes and phone line.  (After the sale service, and attention to detail.)  After slipping waterproof booties over his wet boots, he meticulously went from TV to TV, rebooting the set-top boxes and checking the remotes.  He offered a newer remote (at no cost), but advised I would lose certain functionality with it.  When I told him that we used that functionality, he said we were better off with what we had.  (Sound like consultative selling to you?)  I picked up the phone and said “We have TONE!”
From my initial contact, my provider made small closes (appointment, text message, phone call to confirm) and demonstrated thorough follow through and attention to detail that made me feel confident in their ability to deliver as promised and generate value.  Isn’t that the way you want YOUR prospects to feel?