Friday Faves – 8.25.16

082616No post last week.   Overload happens.  (Like doubling up this week!)  Some good ideas as we head to the Labor Day long weekend.  (So, you’ll have time to read for growth & development.)

3 Things To Not Say In Prospecting Calls – The bane and core tool of sales – the cold call.  Some good thoughts here.

Why You Are Not Producing the Results You Want Now – The first step in solving any problem is – recognizing there is a problem in the first place!

How to Consistently Accelerate Buying Decisions – This assumes you have the first 3 processes in place:

  1. TRACKING – CRM or other system to track opportunities, each with standards to be met for each sale stage.
  2. COMPLIANCE – You and your team are entering and maintaining these records accurately and contemporaneously.
  3. REVIEW – A regular (weekly) self- review of your open opportunities to update for accuracy, planning next steps, adding any missing information/research.

How to Distinguish Yourself and Become a Leader – Don’t dismiss this post by its title.  Effective leadership is universally respected, by peers, managers and clients.  It conveys mastery, confidence and reliability.  Who doesn’t want to work with/buy from someone like that?




Friday Faves – 11.6.15

110515The holidays are coming and meetings will be more difficult to close.  What’s YOUR plan to get through?

Here are some insightful posts I read this  week.

Billy Joel and Elton John: Sales lessons from their concert – Playing to your audience, or presenting to specific client needs.  They both work.

Who is this for? – Many forget that before branding, collateral and pricing, FIRST determine who is your ideal customer.

3 Steps to Standing Out from The Crowd – You’d be amazed how many sellers just sell and how few help customers find solutions to business challenges.

When a Buyer Won’t Call You Back – Never happens?  Some food for thought here.

Four Problems In Your Pipeline – Failing to recognize these pipeline issues will cost you.

WAS THIS HELPFUL? – Simple, and effective.

Friday Faves – 10.23.15

102315Life on the road makes me appreciate the opportunity to read new and interesting ideas from others.  Here are a few I enjoyed this week.

Crowding Out the Less Important – If you are OCD or just anal-retentive, focus on Leaving Some Things Undone.

No One Wants Your Cold Calls – I disagree with limiting your contact options to rely so heavily on referrals, cold calling/emailing has its place.  But, referrals remain the least-used tool in a seller’s kit.

5 Ideas on Playing the Long Game in Sales – Having balance in your pipeline is critical.  Too much small, short-term prospects may not produce enough revenue to hit your goal.  Too many elephants, while exciting when they close, will usually lead to the same result.  Some good ideas to manage some of these in a balanced pipeline.


Friday Faves – 05.15.15

051515Midpoint in Q2, approaching midpoint in CY15.  Where do you stand?  Are you ahead or behind pace?

Here are some posts that can help no matter what your current numbers look like.

Delivering Experience – We do this over and over again – take our best customers for granted.  What other sales lessons have you learned from everyday experiences?

Sales Tip: Why You Need More than One Pipeline – Better than two sets of books.

A hierarchy of organizational needs – Ruckus = good.


Friday Faves – 5.8.15

040715.1Spring is here.  Is your focus still clear?

Your Price Is Higher Than We Pay Now – Concise thoughts on a continual sales challenge.

Tips to Use Your Business Differentiators to Increase Your Sales – Quick.  What are your three most important differentiators?

Positive Pipeline Practices – Simple, effective ideas here.  But you must be disciplined to practice them and honest in your assessments.

4 Ways You Are Creating Resistance – (Whack head here.) Why do we DO this?

Are you certain that you’re trapped? – Insightful perspective.

 6 Sales Email Tactics that Trigger Replies – Solid suggestions here.

THE NEW HIRING BAR SURPRISINGLY FEW PEOPLE ARE REACHING – Jaw-dropping feedback from hiring managers.


Recruiters and Sellers – Separated at birth?

recruiterI had the pleasure of working with recruiters from contract through leadership of large corporate talent management departments, and learned a lot from them.  For nearly 20 years, working on strategic/tactical plans in a variety of industries, I found some commonality about how the most successful went about their business.

TUDE – Always positive, upbeat and high energy.  Project a positive, vibrant image of the company to energize and excite candidates.

PIPELINE – They build and maintain DAILY a fertile pipeline of candidates, sometimes sourcing candidates from candidates who turn them down.

NETWORK – I’m not sure if it was recruiters or real estate agents who invented this, but great recruiters have strong, broad networks with which they interact regularly.

CLOSERS – If you’re not a great closer, you’re just a sourcer.  Great recruiters understand metrics, why they matter and how to drive them.

Any of this starting to sound a little familiar?  If not, it should because this is the blocking and tackling of sales and where sellers repeatedly falter.  Recently, I used a tactic I learned from recruiters, with a great outcome.

I was holding an inservice meeting for an existing client and there was a new member on the team.  She told me she was only there 3 months.  So, I asked where she had worked prior and she told me ACME (obviously sanitized).  Well, it so happens ACME is a target account I have had difficulty navigating.  “Oh, do you Betty Boop (ibid)?”  Betty was a lower level person I had met with earlier who didn’t have the clout to move me forward.  “Yes, we were on the same team, but in diffierent buildings.”  Now I was set up to ask the question I wanted to ask.

I asked my new friend if there was a corporate person who had oversight and direction for this function at all their seven locations.  You know the ending – I got the name, researched her on LinkedIn and added her to my database to begin prosecuting.

Just like recruiters will source candidates or company information from a candidate, I used that tactic to get a name I had been unable to find anywhere else.  This can be particularly effective with your current clients, where you are a trusted resource.  Peoples’ favorite subject to talk about is themselves and most of your clients worked elsewhere before – usually at a competitor, which could be a prospect for you.

Like I said, separated at birth.

Friday Faves – 1.30.15

nfl_seahawks12_caroll_600x600After a challenge-filled week looking forward to enjoying the SUPER BOWL (no, it is NOT the Big Game).  Here are some interesting reads while you sit through 6 hours of pregame analysis.

10 Reasons I Don’t Believe 57% Matters – A challenge to funnel/pipeline concept?

Match Your Productivity Approach to the Way You Work – There’s a cool assessment embedded in the article.  Not like those “What City Should You Live In” surveys you get on FB all the time.

The best laid plans – The last sentence says it all.