Friday Faves – 8.12.16

081216Summertime is like when the treadmill program increases the incline.  What do you do?  Press on, with MORE effort, or just try to get through it till you hit level ground again?

Keeping Customers Continuously Infatuated – Consider how there is a rise in satisfaction, engagement and follow through after you meet with a client.  Then, consider how that energy fades, requiring another engagement to re-ignite the interest.

How to Stay Motivated When Everyone Else Is on Vacation – As I have always maintained, there is progress to be made, just in different ways.  Consider this if you work the “Tweener” week, between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

It happens around the edges – A good reminder to step outside your comfort zone – randomly, not regularly.

Answering “I’m happy with who I’m buying from” – Some good ideas for dealing with an upfront/gatekeeper objection.

Making Space for What Is Most Important – Though not a fan of elephant hunting, spending your time where you get the best return is a cornerstone of effective resource management.

A COLD Call Voice Mail; Your Thoughts? – My thoughts?  In one word – OY!

Think Sales Reps Will Become Obsolete? Think Again – Only sales reps who ALLOW themselves to become obsolete will.  Failure to learn, adapt, be aware of industry changes will do so.

Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople – This (#4 in particular) relates to the previous post.  #5 surprised me, though.  Any surprises for you?  If you are a top performer, do you feel you exhibit these traits?


Friday Faves – 2.5.16

020516As we hurtle through “resolution season,” the 90 days after New Years Day, are you still on track?  Maybe some of your initial plans were faulty, but changing course and bagging it to go back to yesterday’s methods will get you yesterday’s results.  Here are some good ideas to help you stick with it.

Why Will They Say No? – Objections are a daily fact of life.  Dealing with them makes the difference.

How Will You Use Your Extra Day? – Some great ideas to make this Leap Year extra day productive.

If You Are Not Asking, You Are Not Selling – The Xs and Os of selling so many sellers take for granted.

There’s no need for alarm – Your emergency isn’t mine.


Friday Faves – 1.29.15

012916One month into Q1.  So, how you doin’?   Ahead of your plan, looking forward to get a head start on Q2, putting additional attention to current clients?  Or regrouping, ditching parts or all of your plan?  No matter where you stand, here are some good ideas to get or keep you moving forward.

Eventually, snow melts – No, this is not a shot at my former neighbors snowed in last weekend, but more a “there’s no time like the present” testimony.

What is Not Why – Here’s an example of the complexity of objection handling.

How I Learned to Leave a Message – I will listen to ANY idea that can help increase my callbacks.  Maybe you should, too?


Friday Faves – 10.30.15

103015Some treats to read between visits from the kids.

Don’t Clean Your Desk – Good ideas to keep focused on priorities.

How to Create an Effective Lead Follow-Up System – What good does a lead do you without timely follow up?

An Effective Sales Strategy to Beat “We’re Happy with Our Current Provider” – Any client worth having is already working with a competitor.  An interesting approach to dealing with that.

This Is Not Prospecting – Dartboard prospecting hurts, rather than helps you.  Here’s proof positive.


Friday Faves – 9.26.14

fall2Busy time as the quarter ends.  Hope yours was great and you’ve already started on Q4.

Some ideas here may help you crush it.

Your Why Do List – An interesting take on personal productivity.

Biggest Sales Meeting Mistakes – I’ve been on the receiving and (I confess) giving end of some of these.

Producers and consumers – A different view of “controlling the sale.”

Common Sales Objections: Interpreted and Translated – Honest – do you recognize these?

 6 Ways to Beat Lower-Priced Competitors – Yes, differentiate to create value.

Friday Faves – 8.1.14

tough thumbs upHalfway through summer, 1/3 through for what most of us is the toughest quarter.

Be tougher! (Like this guy.)

The Invaluable Nature of Mistakes – Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes.

The Subtle Art of the Follow Up – Subtle is important.  Relentless even more.

If you can’t sell it, you can’t build it – What you finish is much more important than what you start.

On Seemingly Adversarial Questions – There is no such thing.  Read my take: Prospect Engagement:  I HEART objections!

Pregnant Pipelines Do NOT Win Prizes! – Accuracy wins over size, but it’s still ok to kill more than you can eat.

Trading favors – True dat!


Lessons from my Grandma – Part Two

challengeIn Part One, you met my Grandma Bertha and heard about my first lesson in sales, which she so lovingly taught me.  Fast forward a few decades, long after we lost her.  I was attending a ceremony to establish a scholarship fund in her Daughter’s (my Aunt’s) name at Hofstra University, where my Aunt was the first woman admitted to the PhD program in Psychology (and yes, she earned the degree).

Grandma Bertha lived with my Aunt and cousins in the later years of her life, and I cannot imagine how much wisdom she shared with them that I have yet to discover.  At the ceremony, my cousin Scott revealed another wonderful life lesson from Grandma Bertha in his remarks.  As he was enumerating and extolling my Aunt’s trailblazing accomplishments, he discussed a possible source of her drive to succeed.

He told us about something he heard Grandma Bertha say many times, though I never had the benefit of hearing it until long after she was gone.  Again in her characteristically cute interpretation of English grammar, Scott told us she said “In life, you have to have a challenge.”

Obviously my Aunt, who entered a previously male-dominated profession and went on to great success, and my cousin Scott, a well-respected Attorney in Southern California, used that lesson to help achieve career success.  But I think about selling and how that lesson speaks to us.

We bemoan protracted client buying processes, inane objections, gatekeepers, cocooned decision makers.  But, Grandma Bertha’s lessons teach us we should embrace them as challenges that help us learn and grown.  Challenges make us smarter, better and stronger. Unless, of course, we just whine about them.