Friday Faves – 7.15.16

071516Hot Hot Hot!  It is where I am and I hope you describe your pipeline the same way.  Here are some good ideas to help heat it up at various stages.

The top of the pile – Woody Allen said “Half of success is merely showing up.”  The other half is people noticing you.

Dissonance Creates a Compelling Case for Change – The arts, music in particular, creates drama with tension and release. Ddim6 G7b9 Cmaj7 Tension and release, in which dissonance (notes that clang in your ear) are frequently present.  Dissonance demands resolution, which you provide.

3 Foolproof Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers – The “foolproof”  is a misnomer that almost prevented me from listening.  But, these are 3 Great Ideas, though not foolproof IMHO.


Friday Faves – 11.6.15

110515The holidays are coming and meetings will be more difficult to close.  What’s YOUR plan to get through?

Here are some insightful posts I read this  week.

Billy Joel and Elton John: Sales lessons from their concert – Playing to your audience, or presenting to specific client needs.  They both work.

Who is this for? – Many forget that before branding, collateral and pricing, FIRST determine who is your ideal customer.

3 Steps to Standing Out from The Crowd – You’d be amazed how many sellers just sell and how few help customers find solutions to business challenges.

When a Buyer Won’t Call You Back – Never happens?  Some food for thought here.

Four Problems In Your Pipeline – Failing to recognize these pipeline issues will cost you.

WAS THIS HELPFUL? – Simple, and effective.

Friday Faves – 8.21.15

082115Summertime… and the clients are on vacation?  How do YOU stay busy with positive activities that drive your business forward?

Don’t Confuse “Target Market” with “Ideal Client” – Another chapter in the continuing saga of Marketing v. Sales.

Are You Selling Yourself Short? – Consider these questions as sales prep.  You prep for a job interview, a sales call is similar.  You are being interviewed by a prospect, to “hire” your company.

7.4.14 – Friday Faves

AMERICAN-FLAG-facebookEven though this was a short week, lots of good ideas abounded.

Happy Birthday USA!

5 Reasons Your Prospect Doesn’t Buy – If you could close 10% more of your pipeline, what would that mean to you?

ACCORDING TO THE DATA, SALESPEOPLE SHOULD WORK ON SATURDAY AND PLAY GOLF ON MONDAY – At first glance, this may sound cool.  But, 24/7 connectivity does not promote healthy work/life balance.

I Take It Back: My Apology to Dan McDade – Another chapter in the continuing Sales v. Marketing debate.

 What You Do Between the No Answers – I asked a colleague, who has been tearing it up, what was his most productive tactic.  He said “I just keep in touch.  Call, email and stay with them.”

The difference between impossible and nearly impossible – I get this, but I also believe the law of diminshing returns comes into play when you apply this logic to your pipeline.

Friday Faves – 6.20.14

traffic-nycDespite three days in the field (most spent in traffic), some great reads this week.


On Champs and Chumps  – You are one or the other.

How to Spend Time Thinking – I had a boss once who said “I don’t WANT you to think, just SELL!”  If you struggle to find time to think and strategize, here are some good ideas.

Micro marketing and the called bluff – No shortage of tools.  But vision and time are another story.

Do You Confirm Set Appointments? – Time is money.   Do you risk a no-show, or does a reconfirmation provide an easy cancel opportunity?