Friday Faves – 7.1.16

070116Momentum.  It cures lack of confidence, phone fatigue, pipeline deficit, under-prospecting and most any other sales disease.  Yet, so many sellers let up on the gas precisely when they’re on a roll.  That’s JUST the time to throttle up ALL your sales activity.  When you’re 105% to goal, put forth 125% effort.  Increase your personal metrics targets by 25%.  Why?  Momentum creates:

Confidence – Prospects hear it in your voice, see it in your body language and everyone gravitates to confident people.

Energy – Like the quest for the perpetual motion machine, momentum creates energy.  If you allow it to escape like air from a balloon, it takes twice as much energy to restart it.

More momentum.

So, enjoy your Independence Day Weekend, but take care not to lose the momentum you built in closing your Q2.

Here are some good ideas to consider at the beach, lake or on the couch.

Dead Trees, Sales Pipelines & Loss Aversion – Do you love success enough to let failure go?

Stop Swimming in Circles – You can make 10 calls in the time it takes to make one excuse.

The One Budget You Need To Succeed – Time.  The finite, irreplaceable resource.

Why sales reps are always “Just touching-base”! – Ugh, just ugh to touching base.

Better Is Better Than More – But more qualified prospects is best!



Friday Faves – 6.17.16

061716Summer’s coming.  And with it vacations – yours and prospects.  Are you in touch with deciders for your key opportunities to know when they’re off this summer?  If not, your pipeline and forecasts may be off, too.  Sure, things slow down in the summer, but you need to keep these opportunities moving to close.  And, you need to put new prospects in your pipe during the summer, too.  (Sales never takes a vacation.)  Give it some thought now, and you can avoid the Dog Days of August.

Feature/Benefit – Or – Feature/Price – Interesting take on a time-honored belief.

Take One Small Action Now – For years, I’ve taught that closing a deal is the last of a series of smaller closes.  Here is the same principle applied to personal/professional development.

PROBLEM VS NEED – WHY YOU SHOULDN’T SELL TO A CUSTOMER’S NEED – Sorry for the CAPS, but it’s this writer’s style.  If you go this route, and discover problems, you must follow with these questions:  1.  How long has this been a problem (degree of impact on client company)? 2.  What have you done about it (what hasn’t worked)?  3.  How committed is your organization to dealing with the problem (willingness to listen/buy)?  If you start pitching to the problem before you ask these key qualifying questions, they could just be throwing you a bone.

Friday Faves – 6.10.16

061016Time challenges can create the most stress.  Lose a deal?  Well, there’s more in your pipeline and you can always prospect more. But time is a finite asset.  Some deadline pressure is forced on you, but the self-inflicted is what you need to control.  And make sure you save some for yourself – FUN matters!

Why the Hard Close Isn’t Working – Maybe this works for more emotional B2C sales like cars, but your decider is smarter, has more knowledge and is more sophisticated than ever. What will it take for you to buy TODAY simply won’t work.

Do Facts Matter? – Here’s where the tectonic plates collide.  You cannot sell without data, hard data, to support your argument, but people still like to buy from people they like and trust. Keeping the two in balance to satisfy the bean counters and end users is your challenge.

How the Best Sellers Treat Prospects – Expanding on the previous post.   So, what do you need to establish this sales buoyancy?

Lies You Tell Yourself About Writing – A comedian once said, “The most important thing in sales is SINCERITY.  Once you learn to fake that, you’ve got it made.”  Do we fake ourselves out?

Negativity Has No Upside – I spent some time with a senior executive yesterday, who is having a rough quarter.  You’d never know by his relaxed, confident and positive excitement about the opportunities he sees.  Glass half full in action.

Understand These 13 Customer Laws – Solid and logical.   Warren Buffett in a commencement address told graduates, “Don’t please your customers, delight them!”

Try better – Then, try harder.


Friday Faves – 4.8.16

040816After two weeks vacation in Asia, I returned with some new perspectives on “the way” things are done.  More about that later.

Meanwhile, thanks to the incredible availability of WiFi in Thailand, I read some great posts.

The Answer Key To Winning Deals – If you can’t save me money/time/resources; make me smarter/faster/better, then why?

Stop Wasting Your Time on Work Calls – Time management is a constant improvement process, which attracted me to this.  Not sure I agree.

When Was the Last Time You Asked, “Why Are We Doing It This Way?” – Disrupters RULE!

Voice Mail As A Differentiator – You cannot study enough about voicemail.  There is NO secret sauce here.

How To Compress the Sales Cycle – We’re all interested in this.  Learned some great new techniques at a seminar, which I’ll begin sharing.


Friday Faves – 3.18.16

031916Energizing week of internal sales meetings, meeting new colleagues and learning from all.  Sales meetings can suck it you are lectured ceaselessly with irrelevant information, or they can be great exchanges of ideas, best practices that can have you leaving so you “can’t wait to hit the street.”

I can’t wait to hit the street and here are some posts I read this week that help energize you!

Which Fear Is Driving Your Results? – You can’t be honest with prospects, if you’re not honest with yourself.  Some thought-provoking ideas here.

No Thank You for Your Email – Email is a tool that must be mastered.   Plenty of resources available.

How to Get Better Sales Results Consistently – Not surprisingly, training and coaching is at the core of this plan.

Give Them Something To Say Yes To – A planning meeting can not only be used to gain insight/need, but also to head off objections at the pass.




Friday Faves – 11.20.15

112015Here are some posts I read this week.  I learned from some of them, agreed and disagreed with others.

They all made me think.

Your big break – You don’t want to be waiting at the airport when your ship comes in.

Being Present with Clients | Sales Tips – Some good tips in this vlog.

Recognize Any of These Annoying Communication Habits? – Ever role play with a colleague?  Ever record your call or meeting?  Amazing what creeps into your pitch when you’re not paying attention.

3 Must Have Attributes of a Real “NEXT STEP” – I call this the 3-legged stool.  Closing a deal is the last of several closes that let up to it.  Each close has:

  1. An agreement on a NEXT STEP.
  2. A TIMELINE for that next step.
  3. DELIVERABLE(S).  Preferably, mutual deliverables between you and the prospect.  That way, they are more involved.

Why You Need Targets – Without a goal, we wander aimlessly.

No post next Friday.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Friday Faves – 8.28.15

082815Labor Day is on the horizon.  Summer vacations done, and back to work.

Do you have activities and prospects queued up to hit the ground running on 9/8?

This Should Be Keeping You Up At Night – The future will pass you by if you are not on top of it.

Qualifying Budget Too Early – Timing is critical for a financial discussion.

Your Prospects Don’t Need More Time – Good strategies for getting off the “stall.”