Friday Faves – 4.8.16

040816After two weeks vacation in Asia, I returned with some new perspectives on “the way” things are done.  More about that later.

Meanwhile, thanks to the incredible availability of WiFi in Thailand, I read some great posts.

The Answer Key To Winning Deals – If you can’t save me money/time/resources; make me smarter/faster/better, then why?

Stop Wasting Your Time on Work Calls – Time management is a constant improvement process, which attracted me to this.  Not sure I agree.

When Was the Last Time You Asked, “Why Are We Doing It This Way?” – Disrupters RULE!

Voice Mail As A Differentiator – You cannot study enough about voicemail.  There is NO secret sauce here.

How To Compress the Sales Cycle – We’re all interested in this.  Learned some great new techniques at a seminar, which I’ll begin sharing.



Friday Faves – 3.18.16

031916Energizing week of internal sales meetings, meeting new colleagues and learning from all.  Sales meetings can suck it you are lectured ceaselessly with irrelevant information, or they can be great exchanges of ideas, best practices that can have you leaving so you “can’t wait to hit the street.”

I can’t wait to hit the street and here are some posts I read this week that help energize you!

Which Fear Is Driving Your Results? – You can’t be honest with prospects, if you’re not honest with yourself.  Some thought-provoking ideas here.

No Thank You for Your Email – Email is a tool that must be mastered.   Plenty of resources available.

How to Get Better Sales Results Consistently – Not surprisingly, training and coaching is at the core of this plan.

Give Them Something To Say Yes To – A planning meeting can not only be used to gain insight/need, but also to head off objections at the pass.




Friday Faves – 3.9.16

031116Buckle up, gang, only 3 weeks left in Q1.  Are you in a panic sprint to eke your numbers over the line, or are you confidently striding to victory?  Here are some great ideas to put some spring in your step.

What you Should Fear is the Fear Of Missing – Walking away is counter intuitive.  Sometimes it is the right move.

Negotiating and Discounting Are Different – Go for the trade, not just the deal.

How to Stay Productive and Avoid Distractions when Working from Home – And don’t read blogs when you should be working 😉

On saying “no” – Another interesting counter intuitive sounding perspective.

Spring AHEAD this weekend.  Make it more than just your clock.


Friday Faves – 3.4.16

030416We’re entering the Home Stretch of Q1 and spring will soon be here. Some good ideas here to help you finish with a strong sprint so you can enjoy the new season.

What is and What is Not Urgent – I once saw a sign on an admin’s desk that said “Your emergency is not my priority.”  We all have to maximize our use of time, so here are some smart thoughts.

The One Question to Ask for More Referrals – Well, to be honest, I think there’s more than one, but this one is excellent if you’re not asking it through LinkedIn.

Phone First. Email Second. – Then referral, LinkedIn InMessage, driveby (physical cold call), then lather rinse repeat.  Persistence will eventually get you in.

Friday Faves – 2.26.16

022616Travel forced me to skip last week’s post, but this week I’ve read some great posts. As we head to the last month of the quarter, these ideas can help you finish strong.

Sales Productivity: Stop Wasting Your Time on This – I can never read enough about improving productivity.  Time is an irreplaceable asset.

The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings – Blessed are those who run brief meetings, stick to the agenda and keep to the time allotted.

17 Costly Sales Mistakes – Do you regularly do a postmortem on lost business?  Is it done with your manager or a teammate?  You need an honest assessment to avoid repeating deal-killing behaviors.

When creativity becomes a profession… – Seth Godin’s usual pithy and insightful thoughts, this time on creativity.

Violating My Own Beliefs About Price – A real-life lesson why we should sell VALUE and not PRICE.



Friday Faves – 2.12.16

021216Since love blooms this weekend, here’s just a few choice reads.

How To Leave A Message – A great story and even better ideas on this most basic of all sales tactics.

Winning Large Clients – Large accounts have a place in your prospect portfolio.  Some good starter tips if you want to bulk up.

How To Slow the Game – A counter-intuitive title, but a sound argument for mastery.

The Surprising Way to Speed Up Sales – You ARE your pipeline.  Some good ideas for keeping it moving.

Friday Faves – 1.29.15

012916One month into Q1.  So, how you doin’?   Ahead of your plan, looking forward to get a head start on Q2, putting additional attention to current clients?  Or regrouping, ditching parts or all of your plan?  No matter where you stand, here are some good ideas to get or keep you moving forward.

Eventually, snow melts – No, this is not a shot at my former neighbors snowed in last weekend, but more a “there’s no time like the present” testimony.

What is Not Why – Here’s an example of the complexity of objection handling.

How I Learned to Leave a Message – I will listen to ANY idea that can help increase my callbacks.  Maybe you should, too?