Friday Faves – 8.5.16

080516After a week at a conference, followed by a week of PTO, here are some great reads to rev up your summer Dog Days and make them productive.

Empathy is difficult – Yes, but empathy helps you get closer to your clients needs – and to develop effective solutions for them.

How to Lose Control of a Sales Process – I attended a seminar where the speaker also pushed the pricing discussion up to the first third of the process.  Treat it as an objection, deal with it, and move on.  It won’t come back to hurt you in the end as a surprise.  Like this thinking.

Dog Sales Of Summer – I think the Dog Days can be very productive.  If things slow down for you, they also slow down for some prospects, who you can engage on the phone.  Prospects on vacation?  Good opportunity to develop other touch points in the organization – related departments, or others up and down the decision chain.  Seed now, reap over the next two quarters.

Selling Is Change – Like an objection, flesh this out early and get the prospect comfortable with the gain the change will bring.

SALESPEOPLE, STOP DOING THIS – PLEASE!! – A prospect’s view of your prospecting tactics?  Good idea to read your emails to see how you can create value and a compelling reason to give you time.  Better yet, have your manager/a colleague/a friend but another set of eyeballs on it and share their reaction.  Great way to tune up your outreach to increase conversion rates.



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