Friday Faves – 4.22.16

042216On Wednesday, I thought this week would never end.  Today, I wish I had another day to tack on to a killer week.  Has that ever happened to you?  Don’t get me wrong, I am TAKING my weekend, but doesn’t it feel good when it all falls into place?  It really doesn’t – you make it happen and here are some great posts to help you make it so.

Creating a Unique Value Proposition – A good primer on crafting yours.  Without one, you compete on price alone.

What Everyone Should Know About Running Virtual Meetings – I recently presented to a company-wide sales meeting on “How NOT to Conduct an Online Meeting.”  Some overlap between them.  I’ll try to turn it into a SlideShare and post on LinkedIn.

Where Your Focus Goes – As I’ve told my teams – “Know all that is knowable, control all you can.  Then, play jazz.”

They’re Not Interested – What Now? – You own this.  Creating a compelling upfront value proposition is your cost of entry.

Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose – No risk, no reward.

3 Things To Leave Out Of Your Prospecting Call – For those of you who, like me, still believe in using the telephone for cold calls, reminder of some basics.




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