Friday Faves – 1.22.16

012216If you’re on the East Coast in the path of this massive winter storm, I hope you’re working from home today or have the day off.  What could be better than hunkering down with some great posts?  Here’s a few to give you food for thought whether you’re shoveling snow, or walking on the beach.

The Surprising Way to Speed Up Sales | Sales Tips – “Stuck in the Middle With You”  Great song, but not where you wanna be in process.

How I Determined My Three Words for 2016 – 3 is a great number you can wrap your head around and these are 3 great words.

Use Seinfeld Techniques to Sell More – These open-ended question ideas are solid.

Instant Results – A habit is behavior repeated over time.  You gots to pay your dues.

What’s In Your Bucket – Pipeline management is art and science.  Think it’s too much effort? Read this and think again.

Close More Deals By Doing This – I’ve always maintained that sometimes we learn more from our failures than from our successes.  This is an important first step in that process.

It Matters How You Sell – It does now, more than ever because buyers are more empowered than ever.


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