Friday Faves – 11.20.15

112015Here are some posts I read this week.  I learned from some of them, agreed and disagreed with others.

They all made me think.

Your big break – You don’t want to be waiting at the airport when your ship comes in.

Being Present with Clients | Sales Tips – Some good tips in this vlog.

Recognize Any of These Annoying Communication Habits? – Ever role play with a colleague?  Ever record your call or meeting?  Amazing what creeps into your pitch when you’re not paying attention.

3 Must Have Attributes of a Real “NEXT STEP” – I call this the 3-legged stool.  Closing a deal is the last of several closes that let up to it.  Each close has:

  1. An agreement on a NEXT STEP.
  2. A TIMELINE for that next step.
  3. DELIVERABLE(S).  Preferably, mutual deliverables between you and the prospect.  That way, they are more involved.

Why You Need Targets – Without a goal, we wander aimlessly.

No post next Friday.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


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