Friday Faves – 10.23.15

102315Life on the road makes me appreciate the opportunity to read new and interesting ideas from others.  Here are a few I enjoyed this week.

Crowding Out the Less Important – If you are OCD or just anal-retentive, focus on Leaving Some Things Undone.

No One Wants Your Cold Calls – I disagree with limiting your contact options to rely so heavily on referrals, cold calling/emailing has its place.  But, referrals remain the least-used tool in a seller’s kit.

5 Ideas on Playing the Long Game in Sales – Having balance in your pipeline is critical.  Too much small, short-term prospects may not produce enough revenue to hit your goal.  Too many elephants, while exciting when they close, will usually lead to the same result.  Some good ideas to manage some of these in a balanced pipeline.



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