Friday Faves – 10.16.15

101615Heavy travel schedule cost me a post last week.  But a great conference provided my team with many high value leads.

Getting caught up on my reading, here are some posts I enjoyed.

The Easiest Way to Keep in Touch Without Harassing People – Keeping your deal alive, and your brand top of mind is a continual challenge.

3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman – Building a successful process you can replicate is a smart approach.

 8 Reasons Why Teleworking Is a Win-Win – I’ve been working this way before it had a name.  Not for everyone, but for those who have the discipline, awesome.

Important Research on Email That Impacts Your Sales Productivity – Not as groundbreaking as you might be led to believe, but some good suggestions to boost your productivity.

How To Build A Firewall Around Your Clients – Every client worth having is working with a competitor. So, you chase them.  And they chase your clients.  Good ideas to protect your portfolio.


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