Friday Faves – 9.25.15

092515Summer’s over, which means your deciders are back to work, back from vacations and ready to buy.  Are you ready to sell?

Were You Productive Today? – This presumes you are planning, which if you are not is a bigger problem.  A good daily “wrap up” assessment.

What Other Metric Counts? – You can incur “analysis paralysis” with too many metrics.  Which ones are most important?  Here is one view.

Getting an Audience to Remember Your Presentation – One of our most important tools, presentations, often gets minimal training.  Here are some good ideas to make your podium time count.

Manage Your Email. Grow Your Sales. – What’s both a key sales tool and a time suck?  Mastering use of email, along with your time, will pay big dividends.

Spare Change – More thought on why change needs to be your reality.



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