Friday Faves – 9.4.15

090415Hope you’ve had a great summer and enjoy your holiday weekend. Then, time to get back in gear as the quarter is almost over.  Here are some good ideas to help you beat goal.

Women in Sales: What’s Standing in Our Way? – Sales should be the ultimate equal opportunity employer.  You are over or under goal.  You’re a closer or you’re not.  Closer is gender-neutral.

“Don’t touch it, you might break it.” – No, touch everything!

CAN YOU PASS THE QUESTION TEST? – Can I?  What if I can’t?  What if I can?  How does that affect my close ratio?

Successful Voice Mails are like Bikinis! – If you can get past the sexism, some interesting addition to the voicemail dialog.

Target Your Ideal Clients, Not All Clients – Focusing your efforts is basic time management.

AN UNEXPECTED TRAIT OF THE TRULY SUCCESSFUL – Disagree!  The best are ALWAYS learning, ALWAYS seeking the advice of others, ALWAYS looking for what’s NEXT.



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