Friday Faves – 6.5.15

060515Almost halfway through the year.  Happy with your results?  Even if you are, there is always room for improvement, more to learn.

Here are some posts that I read this week which may give you some new insights.

Pain and money and b2b selling – This may seem obvious, but it’s the obvious we frequently miss: make sure you CAN provide an effective solution before you pitch it.

Training vs. Improving – An interesting postulate.  However, there is no finer training organization than the US Military.  Nobody does a better job of training to task.

The Bigger the Deal – Not only are there some solid truths about “elephant hunting,” but some between-the-lines logic for a diversified pipeline.

Are You Neglecting This? – I’ve heard the whining “My manager only cares about numbers,” but the fact is that if you don’t know and control yours, you will fail to achieve your goals.

Be the Trigger Event – Contacting prospects with valuable information, when you have nothing to sell them turns you from a vendor into a trusted resource.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT YOU DO AND HOW YOU DO IT – Excellent discussion of differentiation from a different point of view.

Are Referrals Your Priority … or an Afterthought? –  Referrals are the least-used sales resource.  This is a “drop the mic” case for making referrals a continuing effort.



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