No Problem

041715IS a problem.  It is NOT “You’re Welcome,” it is something I hear continually.

I hear it from waitstaff when I ask for another napkin.

I hear it from my mechanic when I ask if I can have the car back tomorrow.

I hear it when I say “Thank you” from what seems like 90% of those I thank.

Can you believe I hear this regularly from sellers interacting with prospects and clients?

When someone says “No Problem” to me, it makes me feel like if I asked for something else, I would be causing them a problem.  I often think to myself, “Gee, I’m so glad I didn’t cause you a problem FOR JUST DOING YOUR JOB!!”  Yes, this really riles me.  But, there’s one place where I almost never hear this.  Can you guess?

Hotels.  When I say “Thank you,” or ask for extra towels, the response is usually, “My pleasure,” or simply, “You’re welcome.  Is there anything else I can do for you?”  What a difference it makes.  It makes me feel like someone is really interested in making sure I’m comfortable and have what I need.  Don’t you want your prospects and clients to feel like that?

Hospitality companies spend a lot of money on satisfaction research and training their employees in the art of customer service.  They are in a highly competitive and crowded industry and can’t turn business away just because of a lack of common courtesy.  It is just as foolish for sellers to do so.

You need to banish “No problem” from your lexicon and find more welcoming, grateful ways to respond to clients and prospects.  They are too hard to come by to take ANY chance of driving them away with even the slightest perception that you are not committed to meeting their needs, no exceeding them.

Share your favorite “No problem” alternatives in comment, so we can all benefit from them.

If you think I’m being picky and it’s no problem to say “No problem,”  keep doing it then.  More prospects for the rest of us.

If you enjoyed this post, or it made you think, it was  my pleasure.



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