Friday Faves – 4.10.15

Though I was on vacation for 2 weeks, I still read some great posts.

Are You Spring Cleaning? – You may want to consider doing this more frequently, because pipeline management is your lifeline.

A practical definition of reputation – Yup!

3 Reasons Sales People Hate Selling Virtually – If this is the way you feel (or your team), then the company has done a lousy job of rolling out/training/supporting you in selling virtually.  You are missing out on a very important tool and the chance to enhance your selling skills.

Face-to-Face Meetings Are Back in Style – They never went OUT of style.  But, they’ve changed. Pair this with the previous article and consider how the two modalities can work effectively together, and you are on your way to selling in the current century.

Five More Things I Am Thinking About Now – Help yourself.  Write #2-4 down and read it them every morning before you start work.

How To Be a Pro – Yup again.

Mistakes I Have Made In Sales – I’ve often said sometimes learn more from our failures than from our successes.  But, you must leave your ego out of it, so you can be open to learning.




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