Friday Faves – 2.20.15

Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant De Jesus walks around an ice-covered warehouse that caught fire Tuesday night in ChicagoWe may be in the deep freeze, but here are some hot posts loaded with great ideas.

3 Key Skills for Effective Sales Coaching – From experience, I have been burned by #3, but I believe it’s still valid.

Are You Proud of How You’re Spending Your Time? – I’m one who believes time management is a continual learning and adjusting process.

Doing Some Things Some of the Time – Routine doesn’t have to mean boring.  It can lead to excitement of closing.

Don’t Be Passive with Testimonials! – The least used tool in the seller’s toolbox.

What Ever Happened to the Can with the String? – The basics, that’s where we always mess up.

Relationships Over Transactions – Amen.

Tools Don’t Make The Carpenter – S/he who uses available tools with the best SKILL wins!



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