Friday Faves – 1.16.15

011615Two mega-productive weeks, with an equally-productive weekend sandwiched in between is a great way to start a new year.  I hope you are off to a fast start, too.  Lots of great ideas around this week.

Go make it happen!

How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work – Stuff happens.  Some civil ways to deal with it.

The paradox of rising expectations – Sellers expect increases in their goals, management wants to increase revenues. How else can we grow?

The 7 Things You Must Leave Behind to Get Ahead – I coached reps that clients were more willing to beat the dead horse they were trying to ride, than to find a new live one.  The same can be said for some sellers.

Things to Stop Doing in 2015 – Here’s another view of the preceding issue.

Get Back On the Horse That Threw You – If you live in the defeat, you can’t move forward to the victory.

Used to be – I have my own take on this subject.  You can see it on my other blog, What I Learned Today.

Use this Strategy to Get Referrals! – The least used weapon in a seller’s arsenal.

The 5 Rules On How Fast to Reply to Emails at Work – The one missed?  Clients/prospects.  They also get immediate response.




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