complicationsIn healthcare, there are a myriad of redundant processes in place to prevent complications.  But, they happen.  As sellers, we try to take the shortest distance between discovering the opportunity and cashing the commission check. But, do we really?

Unless you sell directly to business owners, you have multiple people involved in your sale.  Each has a role.  Tony Parinello has beautifully plowed that ground in “Selling to Vito.”  But, I think may sellers create their own obstacles by over-thinking the Vito principles, spheres of influence or any of the other myriad of sales maps available.

I’ve said many times that sellers are good at executing complex plans, but where they routinely fail is the basics – blocking and tackling.  This is another example.  Instead of thinking how your contact fits into the overall picture and gauging all your responses, actions and comments in that context – STOP!  Just think of the NEXT STEP.

Ask yourself “What does this contact need to move me forward?”  You don’t need to think beyond that because if you cannot deliver what that contact needs – YOU’RE GOING NOWHERE!.  So, why overcomplicate this interaction by thinking three moves ahead?  Deliver what this contact needs to look good to the person they can move you on to.

Yes, it’s IS that simple.  Every deal closed is the results of many smaller closes that preceded it. Of course, you should keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t become so farsighted that you cannot see the closing opportunity right in front of you.

One step at a time.


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