Friday Faves – 10.10.14

101014Slow week on PTO, but good to catch up on blogs.

Listen for Their “Lean In” Statements to Learn EXACTLY What they Want – Sheryl Sandberg’s book applied to a sales call.  Take the next step and develop questions which will elicit responses like these.

Selling on Top of the World – A good checklist to (honestly) self-evaluate.  You cannot change what you don’t know.

Choosing To Compete for Transactions or Relationships – Disagree.  I don’t believe these are mutually exclusive.  You can build relationships selling a transactional product/service. What do you think?

WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS DON’T KNOW — THAT’S COSTING YOU SALES – Disagree again.  If you go into the call knowing all that can be known, you may uncover problems or at least avenues to probe.  Probing well will yield the information you need.

Do Your PowerPoint Sales Presentation Suck? – Video – I started sellling by showing physical samples, later a presentation book, then a portfolio.  Now the powerpoint is a staple for most of us.  I never can get enough ideas on improving mine.





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