Friday Faves – 8.15.14

gitrdoneThis week?  Read my other blog and you’ll know what it was like.  You have one of those?  Killer, huh?

Here’s the Best Time To Prepare for Your Follow-Up Call – This just makes SO much sense!

Never Stop Prospecting. Ever. – The math on this is amazingly consistent.  Gaps in prospecting show up in your next cycle.  Always.

Why implementation matters – Consider this “after the sale” logic.

 Leads Don’t Hatch Themselves – I’m working with lead gen/nurturing software to automate part of this process.  Auto or not, nurturing leads is critical to your success.

Defining Sales Functions And Programs – Why You Need Vision, Mission, Purpose First – Sometimes Vision/Mission statements are as useful as you know whats on a bull.  But, a relevant focused statement that is put into practice can help drive the results you seek.

Doing the best I can – File this with “no problem.”

The Professional’s Guide to a Stress-Free Vacation – Taking a long weekend next week.  Will try some of these ideas.


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