Friday Faves – 7.11.14

Candle-Burning-at-Both-Ends-300x218GPS failure and crazy long days were the lowlights of the week.  Client meetings, on the other hand, made it worthwhile.

The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Act With a Sense of Urgency – Y’mean, it’s not ALL urgent?

How to Turn that Customer into an “Evangelist” – Something we all want.  Here are some sensible tactics to make it happen.

How to Sell to LeBron James – Not that I will need to sell LeBron, but read this Q+A sequence – it’s GREAT!

TENSION IS NATURAL – An honest analysis of the undercurrent of what we do.

Burning bridges – Long-term sales in 5 paragraphs.

Everything, Anything, Nothing, or Something – The need for prioritizing defined.

If CRM is only 25% of the answer, what is the question? – This pairs nicely with the previous post.  You cannot improve what you cannot measure.



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