Friday Faves – 6.13.14

ugly-tie-contest-sideI know the sun is going to come back out here in the East.  (Probably just in time to mow the lawn on Father’s Day!)

Hope yours is great, and enjoy this week’s Friday Faves.

Embracing boundaries – In my other blog What I Learned Today, I wrote a similar post about creativity and boundaries.  Great minds?

Yes, You Can Make Meetings More Productive – And less boring, too.  Four good techniques.

 What You Should Learn About Success From the Honey Badger – Understanding now why this is a former Boss’ handle.

The Triumphant Return of Activity Management – This one hit home for me, literally.  I work from home and meticulously manage my activity in Salesforce, for many of the reasons cited here.  Mostly so I continue to hit my goal numbers.  Activity is the path to achievement.

What if you could love what you get paid for? – I don’t believe one must LOVE one’s work, but you MUST like it – a lot.


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