Close, but no cigar.

While I completely agree with Jill Konrath’s premise about not relying on a powerpoint, but focus more on a dialog, I would have gone a bit further.

Powerpoints are great for these purposes:

  1. Lecture at a conference or to a group
  2. Who we are
  3. Presentation of SOLUTIONS

Powerpoint is NOT for DISCOVERY.  In fact, it can stifle the free exchange of ideas because it forces a structure on your meeting and your prospect.  However, an unstructured meeting with a prospect can be equally fruitless and frustrating.

I’ve addressed meeting preparation previously, Meeting Prep in 3 Easy Steps and using that prep to build a structure for your meeting can help make your meeting more productive.  But, your structure should be built of rubber, not steel.  It should look more like a flowchart with Yes/No branches and optional paths, based upon the prospect’s answers to your questions.

If you know all that is knowable and what you don’t know, the answers may not be what nor where you expect them to be.  So know where you want to go, have an idea how you are going to get there, but be prepared for detours and enjoy the ride.


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