5.2.14 – Friday Faves

medical doctor teamToday, I’m launching a new account, celebrating Nurses Week in the best possible way – in the company of Nurses.

While I get to have fun listening to their stories and helping them with their continuing education, here are some posts I read this week that I found particularly thought-provoking.  I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Nurses Week to Nurses everywhere!

WHY SALES PEOPLE FAIL (THEMSELVES) – I’d suggest a different #1 – denial.

The most difficult work many professionals do… – No sense talking if you have nothing to say.

 I didn’t have time – Time is a finite asset.  Why do you think prospects’ phones always go to voicemail?

The 7 Stages of Business Travel Stress – Whether you travel twice a year, or are a Road Warrior, it’s interesting to see how this model compares to your travel stress.


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