The New Vacation

Florida-Beaches-115-PCEnjoying the sun and fun in Florida on vacation.   Answered emails and made a couple of return calls, too. This has been called the “New Vacation,” where you remain connected to work while away.  I’m lucky that my company doesn’t expect it, though previous have.  I do what I do is based upon self-imposed criteria.  To achieve balance, the “Workation” needs to:

  • Have limits – Limit to what you respond, to whom and confine it to certain hours (with your first cup of coffee, or when you return from the beach).
  • Have “bumpers” – In TV, ads (spots) just before or just after a news item or tease are called bumpers.  You need to have bumpers around your work during vacation, so space is maintained and defined.  If you are handling things on your smartphone while you wiggle your toes in the sand, you are decreasing its benefit.
  • Know when to say NO – Choosing what calls to take, what emails to which to respond or what crises to deal with is critical.  Good rule of thumb:  If you can still put out the fire when you get back, get back to the pool.

There has been much written on work/life balance and it is a critical balance.  You need to find your own personal fulcrum, establish the rules and stick to them.

Scuse me, it’s Happy Hour!


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