3.28.14 – Friday Faves

tu glowersA wall-to-wall travel week this week, but I did manage to squeeze in some reading and here are some of the notable posts I read.  Hope you like them, too.

Inertia—Your Biggest Competitor – This post talks about external inertia, I’ll be posting soon about internal inertia.

The Case for Presenting Last – It is said a good Broadway show “sends everyone home whistling the tunes.”  There is a strong case to be made for presenting last.

“Above all, I want to work with a manager from whom I can learn.” – I would go even further and contend teaching/mentoring/coaching is one of a manager’s primary responsibilities.

A Breakthrough Comes In Small Steps – In Baseball, OBP (on-base percentage) is more important than home runs hit.  Give me the rep who steadily, methodically works their pipeline to move deals forward everyday, and you’ll see someone who regularly beats goal.


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