The Numbers Game

NumbersIt’s NOT a game.  It’s NOT a management tool to punish salespeople.  It’s NOT doubletalk to cover up skills deficiencies. Goal, quota, activity and other numbers are the vital signs of sales.  Understanding and monitoring them are critical to your success.

CRM – Your CRM system is the repository of not just client information, but also of your activity numbers.  You MUST make sure you are utilizing all of its features and do so unfailingly.  Record EVERY activity, opportunity and enter notes from EVERY conversation.

PIPELINE – Keep a close eye on your pipeline and your activity against it.  Knowing why you lose opportunities and not just when you win them will help increase your understanding and the predictability of your business.

ACTIVITY – This is the oxygen of sales.  You MUST get a handle on the downstream effect of your activity.  Last year, I wrote a post “Learning from Failure” that describes a process to backtrack from deal to seminal activity.  Check this out, as it will help you understand what activity you need to generate initially to generate the closes you need to hit your goal.

It’s NOT all about numbers, but if you lose control of yours, results will be difficult to achieve.


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