Friday Faves 2.7.14

BRAZIL-POPE-WYD-HOSPITALMy last meeting today was with a Diocesan hospital, so an image of Pope Francis seemed appropriate.  So, too, because he is demonstrating how to become a transformative figure and he is doing it with such ingratiating charm and grace in a institution most of us would consider resistant to change.  Consider the objections the Pope must be meeting when he says the Church must be more inclusive the next time you hear difficult objections from a prospect and feel sorry for yourself.  I am not Catholic, but what Pope Francis has begun is inspiring.

So, on a lighter note, here are some of the most interesting posts I read this week.  HURRY SPRING!

So You Want to Be a Trusted Advisor? – Every consultative seller’s goal, but here are some good qualifiers.

Every slide tells a story – Here’s another take on presentations.

Your relationship with the future – Seth Godin on an aspect of change.

Limit the Time You Spend on Email – Some practical ideas to deal with a productivity enabler/killer.

Happy Birthday, Laurie!


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