Friday Faves 1.24.14


When I got the parking lot at 8:15 for my first meeting yesterday, I glanced at the weather app on my phone and it read 2°.  So, as I am shivering my way across the parking lot, I wondered which was gramatically correct:

“It’s 2 degrees.”  “It’s plus 2.”   “There are two degrees.”  “It’s really freakin cold.”

Whichever you think is best, have a warm weekend!

12 Sales Metrics that Matter Most-Harvard Business Review – While it ain’t just about the numbers, ignore them at your own peril.

Bring us your problems – Typically pithy and sound advice from Seth Godin.

I Don’t Have Enough Time to . . . I’m too Busy Selling – I never buy the “I was too busy to input my calls and notes into Salesforce.”

Who has a seat at the table? – Having just gone through something like this (I was more like the uninvited guest at the party) and delivered a GREAT result, I can relate.

Most Sales People Use a CRM Like They Are Using the Broadside of a Hammer — Hello? – I have a CRM-related post in the works, but this is a great checklist.

Ten Mistakes That Kill Sales Opportunities – How often have any of these happened to YOU?


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