Never understimate

JanusThe power of humor, particularly the self-deprecating variety. Never underestimate the power of empathy.  And never, EVER, underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

I had a 1pm meeting with a prospect in Northern NJ today.  When I got back from the gym, it was getting really nasty and diriving to this location is particularly dicey, because it is in the mountainous area of NJ.  I called and asked if she would mind meeting online instead of in person.  When she said she’s never had an online meeting before, I detected a bit of techno-phobia and said, “It’s easy.  Pretend I look like George Clooney.” She said, “OK and I’m Julia Roberts.”  We had a very productive meeting, with quite a few laughs.  Selling doesn’t have to be an adversarial relationship.

Actually, it can be a lot of fun for you and your prospects.  And yes, I expect to CloseitUP!


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