Sales Thankful 2013

I first posted this in 2009.  This is an update of that post.

cornucopiaLike most everyone, I am thankful for my wonderful family, health and great friends.   That’s personally, but professionally there are things I am thankful for, too.  Yes, even in the midst of this feebly-recovering economy, I find much at work for which I am thankful.

MY COMPANY – Even though I may not always agree with the direction, nor understand why we are going that way, I am very thankful that our company is committed to innovation, adapting to the market and tirelessly endeavoring to find new revenue streams.  Remember sellers, a little piece of that revenue stream goes in your pocket.   Consider the  alternative – doing nothing is a recipe for closing a business.

MY BOSS –  He listens and gets it most of the time, so I listen as well and probably get it most of the time, too.  We always can discuss an idea in an open and honest manner.  He respects my time and I try to respect his and only ask for help when I really need it.  I never let him get blindsided, even if it’s my screwup.  No wonder I am also thankful for the flexibility, good counsel and support I receive.

MY COLLEAGUES –  For the complaining sessions, letting me borrow spreadsheets you created, borrowing mine, sharing ideas, letting me leverage your experience, you complimenting me by wanting to leverage mine, I am thankful for the colleagues with whom I work each day.  Of course, I want to be at the top of the stack rank until the end of time.  But if I’m not, I am genuinely happy for the colleague who is.  We all have big challenges and though none of us is devoid of ego, we share SWOT information readily and respond to calls for help like firemen sliding down the pole.

MY PIPELINE – Sure, opportunities are harder to find, and even harder to close.  Prospects who will talk honestly about their challenges and consider solutions I put forward are golden.  (Sometimes I am grateful when they just pick up the phone.)  So, why would anyone not put their pipeline of the list of thins for which they are sales thankful.  On the whole, this approach, I find is way better than sitting around bitching about opportunities that have long since evaporated.   I read a lot of complaining in blog posts and comments.

OUR CLIENTS – Each client’s value has risen more than the Dow this year.  Is it possible to appreciate them too much?   If you haven’t done something to add value to your client relationships lately, wait at your own peril, as your competitors are throwing everything they can at ’em!  Clients flatter me when they turn to me for input on challenges they face.  And I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to call on the unique experience of several clients and even some former clients for feedback on one of my ideas.  (They never tell me I am out to lunch!)

So, as we prepare to celebrate this uniquely American holiday and give thanks for what we have, I think it is important that we do the same professionally.   You hear a lot of negativity and complaining about what we don’t have or what the company isn’t doing to help get us out of a jam.  Now, have you ever heard a family sitting around the Thanksgiving table moaning about why someone got the jellied cranberry sauce instead of the whole berry, or why the gravy has lumps?

I didn’t think so.  Maybe we just need to behave a little more at work like we do at Thanksgiving.


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