Being a resource pays off

networkingMonday’s post, Are you a Seller or a Resource? discussed the difference in how clients view you as a seller or a resource.  I made some suggestions for what you can do to become a resource.  Little did I know how quickly after the post, practicing what I preach would pay off.

Yesterday, I had a great online meeting.  At the end, however, the prospect asked for references in her area of Upstate New York.  I reached out for two clients, each of whom I’ve met with once, but keep in regular contact via personalized informational emails, direct contact and quick and responsive client service.  I’ve learned from and thoroughly enjoy working with them both.  They BOTH responded with an enthusiastic YES within 1 HOUR of my request.  I was able to relay their contact information to the prospect within the same day.  Big deal?  Think of how prospects dodge you with the “I’m too busy” brushoff.

References are the least used arrow in a seller’s quiver, and can be the most effective.  There is a ton of solid B2C and B2B market research that supports how effective peer reviews are.  Yelp is built on it, as well as most e-commerce sites which rely on it.

Clients like to give references for three reasons:

  1. It makes them look more knowledgeable to their peers, because of the excellent resource they’ve found.
  2. It helps them grow their own professional network.
  3. It is an expression of gratitude for a valued resource.

If you invest in your client relationships, they will jump at the chance to pay you back.  Keep on giving, and the cycle continues as you learn more that will continue to help you grow your business and grow professionally.



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