Are you a seller or a resource?

picture-of-a-shifty-used-car-salesmanThe days of the sales rep are numbered.   Nah, they’re OVER.   The new Sheriff in town is  the vast amount of buyer-empowering information available which has forever shifted the balance of power.  The magic trick doesn’t work when the audience knows the secret, so gone forever is the manipulative, controlling approach which depends on the seller having more knowledge than the buyer.

I recently read Ori Brafman’s The Chaos Imperative and in the book, he details historical events whose disruption which lead to significant achievement and development.  So too does this disruption lead to development and the potential for significant achievement.  The adoption of this new paradigm is your challenge to evolve from seller to resource.

It’s not news that buyers don’t want to be sold, but want to buy.  So that means your role is less a seller, but more as a resource, a person from whom they want to buy.  A resource:

  • ADDS CONTINUOUS VALUE – Regard every client interaction as an opportunity to add value.  Examples:
    • INFORMATION – No matter where it fits in a SWOT analysis, sharing information that can help your client’s company succeed, or avoid problems adds value.
    • BEST PRACTICES – Be the Bumble Bee of ideas and listen for best practices and cross-pollinate with other clients to add value.
  • IS TRUSTED – By actions, words and demonstrated expertise, resources you build trust with clients
  • SEEKS SHARED VICTORIES – but is willing to take one for the team.  You look for solutions to client challenges through the use of your product/service.  But, when you learn of a different potential solution, you share that with the client.

How you KNOW you are succeeding and viewed as a resource:

  • THEY SHARE INFORMATION – And become resources for YOU!

If you want to change your game, or improve your ability to present yourself as a resource to clients, look for articles on networking.  Because the same principle applies here – your network is as valuable as what you GIVE to it.  The more you give to your network, to clients and prospects, the more you GET from them.


One thought on “Are you a seller or a resource?

  1. Great blog post. The burst of technology that has occurred in the past ten years which has resulted in an unparalleled level of transparency has changed the game. Salespeople are no longer the primary shareholders of all information, with which to use it for manipulative purposes or not at this discretion. Customer relationships were built on an entirely different foundation before everyone carried around smartphones with KBB apps in their pockets.

    You’re right, however. The more you GIVE, the more you’ll get. That’s always been true and is more true now than ever.

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

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