You Pick

100When I launched this blog in late 2009, I had no idea that it would have gained so many regular readers and still be around for a 100th post.  But, that is exactly where I find myself now – closing in on my 100th post.  Since we tend to make milestones special occasions, I thought about this one.

What I’ve decided is to go back to my saxophone-playing days and take a request.  Just comment on a topic you think would be beneficial for others, interesting or just something different.  And I’m offering a prize for the selected entry.

I just finished reading Ori Brafman’s book The Chaos Imperative and it was a fascinating and highly productive read.  Some of his ideas, I have already begun to exeriment with.  So, the selected entry will win my once-read copy of this book – with NO shipping & handling charge.  (No crumbs, highlighter or notes either!)

Deadline for comments is Halloween.  This though, is all treat, no tricks!



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