Friday Faves – 6.26.15

062615Q2 shot to hell?   Or are you celebrating?  Here are some good ideas to head you in the right direction.

The 8 Biggest Challenges In Sales Now – You could make the #1 argument 8 times.  Disintermediation from the decision maker is also a candidate for #1.

Stop Worrying About How Much You Matter – We sometimes think the world revolves around us.  After this, you won’t.

Assessment: What’s Your Leadership Style? – An interesting, revealing self-assessment for leaders.

S.A.S.S (Stupid Ass Sales Strategy) – Does your process support what you promise?

Still Not Getting Referrals? Here’s What You’re Missing – As before, the most underutilized tool in our sales kit.

WISDOM GOES OUT THE WINDOW WHEN EMOTION COMES THROUGH THE DOOR – Get a pillow or nerf ball to kick or throw when you get off that annoying call, instead of showing your frustration to the client.

Pulling a hat out of a rabbit – Expect surprises.

Friday Faves – 6.19.15

Great team meeting this week for 2 days.  Sometimes, you just gotta get people in a room and let the energy drive.

Still managed to read some great posts, though.

Power Language that Persuades Customers and Wins Sales– Words are your arsenal.  Using your best helps you succeed.

Do More of What Is Working – Duh, maybe.  But building a repeatable process that succeeds will power you forward.

Here is to Single Tasking – This is a movement gaining steam, and worth learning more about.

Friday Faves – 6.12.15

061215On overload, but still reading and sharing the best of what I read this week.  Tough to carve out the time, though.

8 Lies About Better Results – File this under “Reality Check”

Why You Need to Take Notes in Sales Meetings – This extends to client meetings as well.  It lets people know you are listening, processing what they are saying.


Friday Faves – 6.5.15

060515Almost halfway through the year.  Happy with your results?  Even if you are, there is always room for improvement, more to learn.

Here are some posts that I read this week which may give you some new insights.

Pain and money and b2b selling – This may seem obvious, but it’s the obvious we frequently miss: make sure you CAN provide an effective solution before you pitch it.

Training vs. Improving – An interesting postulate.  However, there is no finer training organization than the US Military.  Nobody does a better job of training to task.

The Bigger the Deal – Not only are there some solid truths about “elephant hunting,” but some between-the-lines logic for a diversified pipeline.

Are You Neglecting This? – I’ve heard the whining “My manager only cares about numbers,” but the fact is that if you don’t know and control yours, you will fail to achieve your goals.

Be the Trigger Event – Contacting prospects with valuable information, when you have nothing to sell them turns you from a vendor into a trusted resource.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT YOU DO AND HOW YOU DO IT – Excellent discussion of differentiation from a different point of view.

Are Referrals Your Priority … or an Afterthought? –  Referrals are the least-used sales resource.  This is a “drop the mic” case for making referrals a continuing effort.


Friday Faves – 5.29.15

052915Skipped last week due to overload (the good kind), but still made time to read some great posts.

The Surprising Persuasiveness of a Sticky Note – Personalization.  It makes a HUGE difference in your communications.

3 Early Bird Tactics to Uncover New Sales Opportunities-If you do the work, you reap the rewards.

Immune to Sales Coaching? – Art and science.

What I Learned Washing Dishes – This should be must-reading in Middle School.

4 Ways to Create Competitive Advantage – Master the blocking and tackling of sales and you can do anything.

The Art of Sales Training: Storytelling – Tension and release are core themes in the arts.  Are they part of your story?

Identifying Leads, Prospects, and Opportunities – Your company may have more complex definitions.  These just make sense.

No Problem

041715IS a problem.  It is NOT “You’re Welcome,” it is something I hear continually.

I hear it from waitstaff when I ask for another napkin.

I hear it from my mechanic when I ask if I can have the car back tomorrow.

I hear it when I say “Thank you” from what seems like 90% of those I thank.

Can you believe I hear this regularly from sellers interacting with prospects and clients?

When someone says “No Problem” to me, it makes me feel like if I asked for something else, I would be causing them a problem.  I often think to myself, “Gee, I’m so glad I didn’t cause you a problem FOR JUST DOING YOUR JOB!!”  Yes, this really riles me.  But, there’s one place where I almost never hear this.  Can you guess?

Hotels.  When I say “Thank you,” or ask for extra towels, the response is usually, “My pleasure,” or simply, “You’re welcome.  Is there anything else I can do for you?”  What a difference it makes.  It makes me feel like someone is really interested in making sure I’m comfortable and have what I need.  Don’t you want your prospects and clients to feel like that?

Hospitality companies spend a lot of money on satisfaction research and training their employees in the art of customer service.  They are in a highly competitive and crowded industry and can’t turn business away just because of a lack of common courtesy.  It is just as foolish for sellers to do so.

You need to banish “No problem” from your lexicon and find more welcoming, grateful ways to respond to clients and prospects.  They are too hard to come by to take ANY chance of driving them away with even the slightest perception that you are not committed to meeting their needs, no exceeding them.

Share your favorite “No problem” alternatives in comment, so we can all benefit from them.

If you think I’m being picky and it’s no problem to say “No problem,”  keep doing it then.  More prospects for the rest of us.

If you enjoyed this post, or it made you think, it was  my pleasure.


Friday Faves – 05.15.15

051515Midpoint in Q2, approaching midpoint in CY15.  Where do you stand?  Are you ahead or behind pace?

Here are some posts that can help no matter what your current numbers look like.

Delivering Experience – We do this over and over again – take our best customers for granted.  What other sales lessons have you learned from everyday experiences?

Sales Tip: Why You Need More than One Pipeline – Better than two sets of books.

A hierarchy of organizational needs – Ruckus = good.