Friday Faves – 11.20.15

112015Here are some posts I read this week.  I learned from some of them, agreed and disagreed with others.

They all made me think.

Your big break – You don’t want to be waiting at the airport when your ship comes in.

Being Present with Clients | Sales Tips – Some good tips in this vlog.

Recognize Any of These Annoying Communication Habits? – Ever role play with a colleague?  Ever record your call or meeting?  Amazing what creeps into your pitch when you’re not paying attention.

3 Must Have Attributes of a Real “NEXT STEP” – I call this the 3-legged stool.  Closing a deal is the last of several closes that let up to it.  Each close has:

  1. An agreement on a NEXT STEP.
  2. A TIMELINE for that next step.
  3. DELIVERABLE(S).  Preferably, mutual deliverables between you and the prospect.  That way, they are more involved.

Why You Need Targets – Without a goal, we wander aimlessly.

No post next Friday.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Friday Faves – 11.13.15

101315Booking meetings into 2016 already.  How this quarter is whizzing by.

Manage your time and pipeline carefully to avoid missing opportunities.

Your progress report – A look back, before a look forward makes good sense.  This is an interesting approach.

Don’t Make This Sales Mistake! – My Dad taught me this lesson decades ago.  He said, “Never order veal parmigiana in a diner.”  Still makes sense to me.

Closing End of Year Business – As I was saying…


Friday Faves – 11.6.15

110515The holidays are coming and meetings will be more difficult to close.  What’s YOUR plan to get through?

Here are some insightful posts I read this  week.

Billy Joel and Elton John: Sales lessons from their concert – Playing to your audience, or presenting to specific client needs.  They both work.

Who is this for? – Many forget that before branding, collateral and pricing, FIRST determine who is your ideal customer.

3 Steps to Standing Out from The Crowd – You’d be amazed how many sellers just sell and how few help customers find solutions to business challenges.

When a Buyer Won’t Call You Back – Never happens?  Some food for thought here.

Four Problems In Your Pipeline – Failing to recognize these pipeline issues will cost you.

WAS THIS HELPFUL? – Simple, and effective.

Friday Faves – 10.30.15

103015Some treats to read between visits from the kids.

Don’t Clean Your Desk – Good ideas to keep focused on priorities.

How to Create an Effective Lead Follow-Up System – What good does a lead do you without timely follow up?

An Effective Sales Strategy to Beat “We’re Happy with Our Current Provider” – Any client worth having is already working with a competitor.  An interesting approach to dealing with that.

This Is Not Prospecting – Dartboard prospecting hurts, rather than helps you.  Here’s proof positive.


Friday Faves – 10.23.15

102315Life on the road makes me appreciate the opportunity to read new and interesting ideas from others.  Here are a few I enjoyed this week.

Crowding Out the Less Important – If you are OCD or just anal-retentive, focus on Leaving Some Things Undone.

No One Wants Your Cold Calls – I disagree with limiting your contact options to rely so heavily on referrals, cold calling/emailing has its place.  But, referrals remain the least-used tool in a seller’s kit.

5 Ideas on Playing the Long Game in Sales – Having balance in your pipeline is critical.  Too much small, short-term prospects may not produce enough revenue to hit your goal.  Too many elephants, while exciting when they close, will usually lead to the same result.  Some good ideas to manage some of these in a balanced pipeline.


Friday Faves – 10.16.15

101615Heavy travel schedule cost me a post last week.  But a great conference provided my team with many high value leads.

Getting caught up on my reading, here are some posts I enjoyed.

The Easiest Way to Keep in Touch Without Harassing People – Keeping your deal alive, and your brand top of mind is a continual challenge.

3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman – Building a successful process you can replicate is a smart approach.

 8 Reasons Why Teleworking Is a Win-Win – I’ve been working this way before it had a name.  Not for everyone, but for those who have the discipline, awesome.

Important Research on Email That Impacts Your Sales Productivity – Not as groundbreaking as you might be led to believe, but some good suggestions to boost your productivity.

How To Build A Firewall Around Your Clients – Every client worth having is working with a competitor. So, you chase them.  And they chase your clients.  Good ideas to protect your portfolio.

10.2.15 – Roseburg

This is not my usual Friday post, and it is NOT political.

I was in Roseburg, OR this past Monday, where I had the privilege of working with a talented group of clinicians dedicated to improving the health of our nation’s veterans.  At the VA Health System Roseburg, I spent the day not just working together, but learning a little more about their beautiful, small town.

Having once lived in a small town, tragedies like yesterday touch virtually every one who lives there.  So, whether or not the fine folks I met knew any of those lost or injured, the violence affected them, too.

Take a moment to pray, if you do, or simply think kind thoughts for the people of Roseburg so that the collective good thoughts of all of us will wrap around them like a blanket of comfort.