Friday Faves – 7.31.15

A third of your quarter is gone.  How are you tracking?  Still time to make some adjustments, depending upon your sales cycle.

Some ideas here that may help you.

Why I Write in PowerPoint – Not just for presentations anymore?

Make Your Calls Faster – Not the only thing, but metrics matter and you need to understand and drive yours.


Friday Faves – 7.24.15

A day late (jetlag).

Some great ideas here to help you get ahead.

An alternative to believing in yourself – Get past the title, and there’s a gem.

How to Distinguish Between Suspects, Prospects, and Leads – A perennial dilemma for sellers.  Here’s one solution.

Sales Tip: The Right Way to Coach Top Performers – The 80/20 rule applies here, too.  You will get 80% of your results by spending more time with your top 20% performers.

Be Assertive, Win the Sale – And, oh yeah, Ask for the Order.

Decision Makers Want To Deal With Decisive People – Put another way, be direct, be honest, convey your value proposition, answer questions/objections succinctly then SHUT UP.

Friday Faves – 7.17.15

071615Conference all week, put a crimp in my reading time.  But flying back with about 3 pounds of registration forms (which are actually called leads) in my briefcase makes homecoming that much nicer.  My team will have a busy summer.  Here are a couple of posts I found interesting and hope you do, too.

Bounce forward – If you learn from setbacks, then can propel you forward.

How to Create a Preference for You and Your Offering – This is what comes after differentiation and is just as powerful.



Friday Faves – 7.10.15

071015A brief hiatus to relocate from NJ to NC.  I’ve shoveled my last driveway.

But now that I’m up and running, read some great posts this week.

Hope y’all like ’em.  (First and last – promise!)

Giving Productivity a Running Start – Most don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

The Horrible Right Now Nature of Email – Adding to the dialog about email v. productivity.

Assume and Ask–Don’t WISH–for the Sale– Closing: the simpler, the better.

What happens when things go wrong? – You find out a lot about your company and its leadership when things don’t go well.

Are You Having the Wrong Conversations? – This post can be distilled down to 4 words: focus on the customer.

Absolutely Avoiding Absolutes – Don’t paint yourself into a corner.


Friday Faves – 6.26.15

062615Q2 shot to hell?   Or are you celebrating?  Here are some good ideas to head you in the right direction.

The 8 Biggest Challenges In Sales Now – You could make the #1 argument 8 times.  Disintermediation from the decision maker is also a candidate for #1.

Stop Worrying About How Much You Matter – We sometimes think the world revolves around us.  After this, you won’t.

Assessment: What’s Your Leadership Style? – An interesting, revealing self-assessment for leaders.

S.A.S.S (Stupid Ass Sales Strategy) – Does your process support what you promise?

Still Not Getting Referrals? Here’s What You’re Missing – As before, the most underutilized tool in our sales kit.

WISDOM GOES OUT THE WINDOW WHEN EMOTION COMES THROUGH THE DOOR – Get a pillow or nerf ball to kick or throw when you get off that annoying call, instead of showing your frustration to the client.

Pulling a hat out of a rabbit – Expect surprises.

Friday Faves – 6.19.15

Great team meeting this week for 2 days.  Sometimes, you just gotta get people in a room and let the energy drive.

Still managed to read some great posts, though.

Power Language that Persuades Customers and Wins Sales– Words are your arsenal.  Using your best helps you succeed.

Do More of What Is Working – Duh, maybe.  But building a repeatable process that succeeds will power you forward.

Here is to Single Tasking – This is a movement gaining steam, and worth learning more about.

Friday Faves – 6.12.15

061215On overload, but still reading and sharing the best of what I read this week.  Tough to carve out the time, though.

8 Lies About Better Results – File this under “Reality Check”

Why You Need to Take Notes in Sales Meetings – This extends to client meetings as well.  It lets people know you are listening, processing what they are saying.