Friday Faves – 2.5.16

020516As we hurtle through “resolution season,” the 90 days after New Years Day, are you still on track?  Maybe some of your initial plans were faulty, but changing course and bagging it to go back to yesterday’s methods will get you yesterday’s results.  Here are some good ideas to help you stick with it.

Why Will They Say No? – Objections are a daily fact of life.  Dealing with them makes the difference.

How Will You Use Your Extra Day? – Some great ideas to make this Leap Year extra day productive.

If You Are Not Asking, You Are Not Selling – The Xs and Os of selling so many sellers take for granted.

There’s no need for alarm – Your emergency isn’t mine.


Friday Faves – 1.29.15

012916One month into Q1.  So, how you doin’?   Ahead of your plan, looking forward to get a head start on Q2, putting additional attention to current clients?  Or regrouping, ditching parts or all of your plan?  No matter where you stand, here are some good ideas to get or keep you moving forward.

Eventually, snow melts – No, this is not a shot at my former neighbors snowed in last weekend, but more a “there’s no time like the present” testimony.

What is Not Why – Here’s an example of the complexity of objection handling.

How I Learned to Leave a Message – I will listen to ANY idea that can help increase my callbacks.  Maybe you should, too?


Friday Faves – 1.22.16

012216If you’re on the East Coast in the path of this massive winter storm, I hope you’re working from home today or have the day off.  What could be better than hunkering down with some great posts?  Here’s a few to give you food for thought whether you’re shoveling snow, or walking on the beach.

The Surprising Way to Speed Up Sales | Sales Tips – “Stuck in the Middle With You”  Great song, but not where you wanna be in process.

How I Determined My Three Words for 2016 – 3 is a great number you can wrap your head around and these are 3 great words.

Use Seinfeld Techniques to Sell More – These open-ended question ideas are solid.

Instant Results – A habit is behavior repeated over time.  You gots to pay your dues.

What’s In Your Bucket – Pipeline management is art and science.  Think it’s too much effort? Read this and think again.

Close More Deals By Doing This – I’ve always maintained that sometimes we learn more from our failures than from our successes.  This is an important first step in that process.

It Matters How You Sell – It does now, more than ever because buyers are more empowered than ever.

Friday Faves – 1.15.16

011516 Scheduled this post in advance as I’m at 40,000 feet heading home after a week on the Left Coast.  Laptop, tablet, mobile – information and learning is everywhere.  IF you take advantage of it.

Here are some great posts I read wherever I was.

Why I Am Never Ashamed To Sell – If you are not committed to, love or just LIKE what you do – DO SOMETHING ELSE!  Life’s too damn short.

Stop Cold Calling and Start Doing This – A cogent and solid case for what looks like work – gaining client testimonials and references.

How To Work From Home – Here’s a good primer if you are considering a work from home gig.

Friday Faves – 1.8.16

010816Hope your holidays were as enjoyable as mine and you’re now refreshed, refocused and ready to make 2016 your BEST EVER year!

To start you on the right track, here are some great posts I read.

The One Person Who Deserves Your Total Honesty – As you review 2015, being honest about why you won/lost deals and how you can learn from them is a critical first step.

Will You Create Sales Success in 2016? – Now that you’ve committed to being honest with yourself, here are some behaviors to consider.

The Best Investment of Your Life – Are you ready to commit to professional growth in 2016?


Friday Fave – 12.18.15

121815Home stretch time.  Can you get that last push to make your 2015 goals, make it a Best Ever?

Some helpful thoughts here.

Will You Build Your Relationships in 2016? – You can’t afford not to.

Other Mediums > Social Media and Email – It’s not how many tools you have, it’s how wisely and when you use which one.

Regrets as fuel – Sleepless nights over blown deals will happen.  But you can use them to move forward.

The Order of Your Work – Everyone’s biorhythms are unique, but understanding yours to work more effectively can produce dramatic results.

Finish strong and best wishes for Happy Holidays and a GREAT 2016!

I’ll be back after the holidays!

Friday Faves – 12.11.15

121115Ho Ho Ho! Are your results naughty or nice?

Celebrate 2015 and do even better in 2016, or recover and move forward in the New Year.

Some great ideas to help you succeed.

Planning for 2016? Do This First. – The first of likely many planning for 2016 posts.  A good one.

Solid Sales Wisdom Does Not Go Out of Style – Ideas that stand the test of time.

Confidence Is the Key to Cold Calling – Amidst the chatter of “cold calling is dead” some excellent advice for this critical sales skill.  (Which will never become extinct, IMHO.)

Ignore Bad Advice on Cold Calling – Reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated.